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Company Services:

Our online systems technology development package offers - access instantly to all documentation required for an efficient running of an Estate.

For the convenience of the Owners, Trustees, and Directors, JLJ’s financial management service includes:

  • A Management fee – negotiable on the size of the Estate
  • Printing and postage – standard set fee
  • Bank Charges – nil - if your own bank account operated by JLJ Property

Administration, Secretarial and Advisory Services

  • Minutes of the Trustees/Director meetings - arranging and attending of meetings.
  • Preparation and circulation of notices for General Meetings
  • Clearance Certificates
  • Management advise
  • Liaison with maintenance and building contractors

Financial Monthly management pack

  • Income & Expenditure statement Balance sheet, monthly financial reporting, surplus report, including invested amount to maximise interest earnings
  • Annual Audit file preparation
  • Payment of approved expenses, including salaries & wages

Collection Fees

  • Levies on line – Billing & Distribution, collection, follow up of unpaid fees, attorney liaison

Insurance Policy Schedule

  • Insurance cover to the common property & improvements, assistance with a valuator